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We kicked off our Little Rockers Club this week!  And let me tell you, there is nothing more inspiring then kids on a mission.

A couple grade two classes visited the studio for their end of year field trip. Every student water marbled two rocks. Why rocks? Why not? Each is a true one-of-a kind piece of art – an ordinary stone transformed into something beautiful. Amazing work that we like to call “marble magic”. We then picked inspiring “feel good” messages for each rock, and delivered them today.



We challenged our artists to share some love around town. The kids were encouraged to keep one and gift one of their masterpieces. Maybe hide one rock in a playground, flowerpot or on a doorstep? But not to be too tricky as someone should be able to find it the treasure they made. Or, gift one to someone they think needs a boost of positivity? A simple uplifting can message can make a big difference, they can make a difference, we can all make a difference. Pretty sure they are going to rock this. Seeing their excitement and hearing how they had already decided their rocks future was heartwarming – some had clearly taken this project very seriously.

If you find one of these #littlerockersclub art rocks, tag @wildskyoriginals on Facebook or Instagram. We can’t wait to follow each rock’s story. Watch for “pop up rock stops” this summer in playgrounds, campsites, etc so we can keep the vibe going and turn this into a real positivity campaign to inspire creativity and kindness.

Because you know…kindness rocks.

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