Frequently Asked Questions

The Experience

How long is the experience?

It takes 1.5 to 2.5 hours for a group to finish their scarves. It really depends on each individual group and the number of artists. We can host up to 12 people at the studio location. Making your own scarf is the highlight but watching others reveal their designs is also a fun part of the experience. Each one is unique. All are a work of art.

Who can participate?

The best part of this silk art experience is that everyone can do it! All ages can enjoy making a scarf.

What does it cost?

The silk scarf art experience is $75 per person. It includes all supplies at our cozy studio and non-alcoholic beverages. Groups are welcome to bring other hospitality items, if desired.

How do I book a silk art experience?

  • Public Workshops – We offer workshops that are open to the public. These are typically scheduled on a weekly basis. Visit for upcoming events.
  • Private Bookings – We offer private bookings for individuals and groups up to 12 people. Contact Us with your desired date(s) and number of artists to save your date.
  • Off-site Events – We are fully mobile and available for corporate or other off-site events. Contact Us to include the silk art experience in your event.

What if I want to design more than one scarf? 

If there is time permitting at an event, we are happy to offer discounts for multiple scarves. There is a good chance that you will think it is as cool as we do.

This looks really cool, but what if I don’t wear scarves? 

No problem. Our silks work wonderfully as table runners and other types of decor. They also make very pretty hair bands/ties or head scarves, and extra special gifts for family or friends.

Also, watch for special classes that feature other types of items.

What do I need to bring? 

Just bring yourself. All the art materials are provided.

Is it messy? Will I get dirty? 

We suggest you do not wear your best gala attire, but the process is far less messy than you might expect. Most artists leave with paint on their hands at most. We do have aprons and plastic gloves available for those that want them.


The Silks

My scarf was wet when I left the silk art experience. Now what?

Silk Care Instructions – Follow these simply steps to care for your artwork after your silk art experience.

  1. SOAK IN COLD WATER – You will take your silk home wet. Fill a sink or bowl with cold water and place your silk in the water for approximately two minutes. This will help it unfold, remove any remaining gel from the marbling process and release any wrinkles making it easier to iron. Do not twist, wring or squeeze your scarf as the paint is not fully set until ironed. NOTE: If you choose to use a small amount of liquid fabric softener, you can soak longer or even overnight.
  2. HANG TO DRY – Remove silk from water and let it drip dry. You can hang your scarf from a skirt hanger with clips, or drape it over a [clean] shower rod or towel rack. Allow your scarf to fully dry before ironing. Keep it out of the sun until it is ironed.
  3. IRON ON HOT – Iron on back side of the scarf using a hot setting to set the colors, and create a silky smooth finish. This is an important this step to ensure your scarf is sun-safe and washable. It will also prevent future fading. Do not use steam at this stage.
  4. Show off your design.

*To clean, hand wash with a gentle detergent or baby shampoo and hang to dry. Then iron on low heat or with cool steam as necessary. No dry cleaning required.

Will the colours run? Will my scarf fade? 

No, the paint adheres to the specially prepared silk instantly. While careful handling is recommended until your scarf is ironed, the paint will not run. Ironing heat sets the paint making it sun-resistant.